We have a Newsletter!

We have a Newsletter!

The road to publication is long and sometimes bumpy, but we still have our goal in mind.

And this goal is to share our story with the world and find the scattered souls that resonate with our vibe, of course!

Now we have a new way to stay in touch and make sure not to lose anyone along the way. We set up a newsletter to deliver directly to your inbox our latest news, special promos, and exclusive content.

But don’t worry, we’re not going to start spamming you constantly. This is at most a monthly thing, and we will bother you only if there is some exciting news to share.

We have maximum respect for your privacy and your email will be used only to send you our newsletter and won’t be shared with third parties. If you don’t like it anymore and are not interested, you can unsubscribe anytime.

But if you want to keep following our progress and just stick around, you can subscribe using the form on the right column, through this pretty landing page (we’re still working on the graphics, but it does the job), or directly here below:

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Also check your spam folder if you don’t receive a confirmation, sometimes mail providers are a bit too strict with moderation.

And of course, as always, many thanks to those that will stick with us and show their support in all ways possible, even if it’s just sharing our links on your socials, it matters a lot 🙂

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