What people are saying about Flower of Light:

“Where a lot of books might try and subvert your expectations I like how the story rewards you for piecing things together. Not everything is straight told to you and a lot of it is conveyed incredibly well through dialogue and foreshadowing. Especially towards the end when things all fit into place. The story explores various themes and concepts too in some pretty unique ways.”

Kieran Stott – (full review here)

“Very few books actually fit the “Epic Fantasy” category, in my opinion. Flower of Light does it and does it well with a sprawling adventure, a grand cast of unique characters, and a surprisingly easy narrative to follow. Delightful read.”

Daniel P.

“Check it out if you are looking for familiar fantasy with its own unique twist.”

Timo Burnham on Goodreads

“A good read with a solid core of classic fantasy elements: questing, conflict, medieval tone, magic, light romance, but with some twists and flairs of its own. I’m looking forward to reading more in this setting.”

James on Amazon

“I love the idea of a main character that doesn’t constantly steal the show. [She] would be/could be nothing if it wasn’t for the large group of fascinating characters around her who breath life into the story. “

Infamous Reviewer from Virtual Pulp (full review here)

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