Map of Sohwl

Maps of the Sohwl continent under the Bluand Empire. This is a color version with the names in the Imperial Language: And this is a black and white version for the book prints, with the names translated into English:

Emperor Christopher III Bluand

Christopher III Bluand was born on the day 14 of the Second Month, the year 639, under the Constellation of Destiny. First son of Emperor Leif Bluand and Lilian Lox. He was crowned Emperor on the year 655, after the assassination of his family.

Elements and Constellations

Six were the Stones of Creation, like six were the Constellations. Six were the Primordial Elements, like six were the ancient peoples. The Light belongs to the Constellation of Existence. The Water belongs to the Constellation of Law. The Earth belongs to the Constellation of Free Will. The Darkness is not of this World anymore. The Fire belongs to the […]

The Flower of Light (655)

The Flower of Light, also known as the Eternal Flower, is not a real flower. It’s a shape. It’s an idea, an image. The unity off all the Wardens, the balance of the magic stones. The Magic Stones There are seven stones that compose the Flower of Light, as per the year 655. Each stone belongs to a Warden, a […]

Light Wardens – Characters Overview

I’ve been modding Skyrim for a while and one of the first thing I did when I started was playing with my own characters, of course. After a long time of learning, making mistakes, and fixing them, I finally reached a point where I’m able to create the protagonists of my story in the videogame’s world. They are not 100% accurate but […]


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