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Introduction to the Main Characters – Part 2

Introduction to the Main Characters – Part 2

We’ve seen some of the male characters, now let’s explore the female side of the story.

If you are looking for snarky girl-bosses that can easily fling around men twice their size, you’ve come to the wrong place. My women are, well… just women.

I tried to make them as realistic as I can, with their strength and weaknesses. Some of them know how to fight and do so in a believable manner, with a realistic amount of muscle. Some know how to use powerful magic, and that’s a nice equalizer, so you might want to beware of those ladies, but in the end, they still are women, with their feelings and their struggles, and they don’t need to act like men or be unbearably unpleasant to show they are strong and resilient.

Fighting is not all there is to life, you also need love and compassion. Some of my ladies are pretty special with this, other a bit less. But such is life.

So, let’s get to know them better.

(Once again I used Skyrim to give an idea of how they might look like).


She’s a young girl on the run, who grew up on the island of the Fae. She learned how to survive away from the civilized lands and she’s not afraid to face her destiny. Despite what happened in her childhood, she managed to maintain her pure heart and her love for life, she’s caring and full of hope for the future, but sometimes a bit naive and reckless.

Aska Yoruki

She’s from the Eastern lands. Silent and reserved, she bears deep scars, one is imprinted on her face and that’s why she always tries to hide in the shadows. Mysterious and elusive, but ready to fight when her friends are in danger. She’s a tormented soul with a terrifying power that she’ll have to learn how to control and master.

Sheila Shaysjh’yar

She’s a sorceress of the dark arts. Grown up in the streets with her older brother, she has always seen black magic as her way out of misery. She’s a scholar, constantly searching for new knowledge and struggling with the dark energies stirring inside of her. Her meeting with the Light Wardens will completely change her views on life, and help her realize what matters the most.

Inka and Kara DeYong

They are twin sisters from the Desert. They were bodyguards of a noblewoman before turning to the mercenary life. Even if they are very similar in look, so much so that everyone keeps mistaking them, they have a very different character. Kara is the most outgoing and flirty, while Inka is stern and focused on her fighting skills. But in the end, they are both very loyal to their team-mates and never shy away when their allies need help.

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