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Introduction to the Main Characters – Part 1

Introduction to the Main Characters – Part 1

Here’s a quick overview of some of the characters from the Eternal Stones. There are many of them, so I’ll give you a place to come back to refresh your memory in case you get lost.

In this first part we take a look at some of the male protagonists, trying to stay spoiler free, just to get a feel of their personality.

I love all of them in different ways and since they are the “heroes” I tried my best to highlight their heroic traits. We’re in a time where the lines get blurry and we lost sight of what was that made a man a good man. But I think heroism is a timeless concept that resonates with all people, like a deep gut feeling. Strength, loyalty, courage, selflessness, responsibility. I want my male characters to be good role models, for the young man of today especially.

I don’t know if I succeeded, because I am no man, being born a lady, but I tried my best to paint them as believable as I can. They have virtue, but they have flaws too, because that’s how people are. And overcoming their flaws, while staying true to the path of light, is what will make them true heroes.

So, let’s get started.

I tried to give them a face, while playing around with Skyrim mods (you can find the modlist here), and I also have a beautiful piece of art made by the talented Neutronboar.

I hope you’ll like them, and I can’t wait to hear who’s your favorite!

Jonathan Silverhart

He’s a knight from a noble family and has been raised to follow a strict code of conduct. Despite that, he’s a fun guy, easy going, and seems to be always smiling even at the wrong times. Being shorter than average puts him in a difficult position, his peers make fun of him and he had to work twice as hard to become a skilled swordsman and live up to the fame of his older brother. And maybe his careless attitude is just a way to hide deep wounds. But he’s actually a caring person that would go to great lengths to help those in need.

Kris Wasa

He’s the one that has his stuff together. Slightly older than the others, he already has a wife and a child on the way. As a diplomat, he had to leave his people to start a long journey and found himself in a new environment, where he has to manage to fit in while longing for home. He’s the most grounded and faithful to tradition, and he’s generally a peaceful person, but when there is to fight, he never backs down, and with his war bow, he rarely misses.

Yuri Wodjstav

He’s the quiet guy from the cold lands. And he comes out as very cold most of the times. He keeps to himself, but he gets things done. And he always knows how to find the way. He follows his duties without fail, he’s strong willed and trustworthy. He might seem distant and detached, but he will always be there to help his friends and do the right thing, even when the choice is hard. And those that step in the way have to face his axe.

Christopher Bluand

He’s the Emperor of Sohwl. But being born to the most powerful and wealthy family in the continent doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have to go through hell and back. Most people just see him like a sickly and passive nobleman that was forced to carry a heavy burden from a young age, but the truth is far more sinister than it appears.
(Portrait by Neutronboar)

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