Book 1
Flower of Light | The Eternal Stones | Book 1

Flower of Light | The Eternal Stones | Book 1

“At the dawn of the tenth spring,
what was shattered will return whole.”

For centuries, the Flower of Light has kept the balance of the Bluand Empire. Each generation, new Wardens are chosen to protect the sacred stones and master their incredible powers.
But not everyone can bear the weight of destiny in the same way, and it’s easy to stray from the path of Light.
Ten years ago, the circle was broken and the true power remained hidden. But now, the time has come for a new balance. The time has come for the fated Wardens to awaken and set things right.
Fire and Water, Earth and Sky. Equals and opposites.
Eight are chosen by the Constellations, from all corners of the Empire. Destined to cross their paths and rediscover what was lost, facing the darkness that looms over the World of Light.

Flower of Light” is the first book in the Eternal Stones series, a story of magic and adventure, ominous prophecies and unwavering hope.

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