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Flower of Light Book Launch and a Fun Interview

Flower of Light Book Launch and a Fun Interview

The time has come, my friends.

Flower of Light is finally available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited with a special launch price.

You can choose between the ebook, paperback, and a shiny hard cover with a special cover art inspired by medieval tomes. Here’s the full covers in all their splendor:

Also keep your calendars updated, because a big promo is coming, starting November 22, with the Based Book Sale (will add the link as soon as it’s ready), the book will be FREE for 5 whole days.

Now a few thanks, to the people that helped made this dream come true again.

First to my partner Mark Wade, that knows what’s going on and it’s always there to back me up, give precious feedback, and fix my disasters to make the story as complete and as compelling as we can make it.

Thank you to Daniel P. Riley (find him on who took care of the English proofreading and gave me some precious advice on language and style to make the text flow at its best.

Thanks to Neutronboar and Twoeliz for their awesome illustrations that made some of my story come to life in visual form.

Thanks to all the friends we made along the way, who inspired us, challenged us, and hanged out with us for a laugh and some fun times. It’s for people like you that I want to tell my stories, and I really hope you will enjoy them.

And last but not least, Matt Waterhouse, that manged to drag us online to make an interview, the first and probably the last since I hate talking, but this one was so fun and we had a blast! Just go watch it here:

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