What’s Your Zodiac Sign in the World of Light?

There is a connection between the astrology of the Eternal Stones and that of our world, so I thought it would be fun to try and see what your zodiac sign would be if you were born in the World of Light. Just look at the table below and search where your birthday falls in the “Earth Calendar” column to […]

Elements and Constellations

Six were the Stones of Creation, like six were the Constellations. Six were the Primordial Elements, like six were the ancient peoples. The Light belongs to the Constellation of Existence. The Water belongs to the Constellation of Law. The Earth belongs to the Constellation of Free Will. The Darkness is not of this World anymore. The Fire belongs to the […]

The Flower of Light (655)

The Flower of Light, also known as the Eternal Flower, is not a real flower. It’s a shape. It’s an idea, an image. The unity off all the Wardens, the balance of the magic stones. The Magic Stones There are seven stones that compose the Flower of Light, as per the year 655. Each stone belongs to a Warden, a […]