Meet the Characters in Skyrim! [A Skyrim SE/AE mod]

It’s been in the works for a while, but finally we reached an official release. Do you play Skyrim? (Any version of Skyrim Special Edition or the Anniversary Update is fine) Do you want to meet the characters from the Eternal Stones as I envision them, and have some fun with them? Now you can! Download a pack of 10 […]

Introduction to the Main Characters – Part 2

We’ve seen some of the male characters, now let’s explore the female side of the story. If you are looking for snarky girl-bosses that can easily fling around men twice their size, you’ve come to the wrong place. My women are, well… just women. I tried to make them as realistic as I can, with their strength and weaknesses. Some […]

Introduction to the Main Characters – Part 1

Here’s a quick overview of some of the characters from the Eternal Stones. There are many of them, so I’ll give you a place to come back to refresh your memory in case you get lost. In this first part we take a look at some of the male protagonists, trying to stay spoiler free, just to get a feel […]

Emperor Christopher III Bluand

Christopher III Bluand was born on the day 14 of the Second Month, the year 639, under the Constellation of Destiny. First son of Emperor Leif Bluand and Lilian Lox. He was crowned Emperor on the year 655, after the assassination of his family.

Light Wardens – Characters Overview

I’ve been modding Skyrim for a while and one of the first thing I did when I started was playing with my own characters, of course. After a long time of learning, making mistakes, and fixing them, I finally reached a point where I’m able to create the protagonists of my story in the videogame’s world. They are not 100% accurate but […]