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The Eternal Stones

Flower of Light

“At the dawn of the tenth spring,
what was shattered will return whole.”

For centuries, the Flower of Light has kept the balance of the Bluand Empire. Each generation, new Wardens are chosen to protect the sacred stones and master their incredible powers.
But not everyone can bear the weight of destiny in the same way, and it’s easy to stray from the path of Light.
Ten years ago, the circle was broken and the true power remained hidden. But now, the time has come for a new balance. The time has come for the fated Wardens to awaken and set things right.
Fire and Water, Earth and Sky. Equals and opposites.
Eight are chosen by the Constellations, from all corners of the Empire. Destined to cross their paths and rediscover what was lost, facing the darkness that looms over the World of Light.

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Mirror of Darkness

[coming 2025]

Stories from Other Worlds

(All my other stories from different genres, not connected to the Eternal Stones)

Under the Menhir

Fantasy Novella

A dangerous secret is buried deep under the Menhir du Champ-Dolent.

Jean has fled from Italy to let go of the past and start a new life. The old picture of a Menhir in northern France has brought him to the small town of Dol de Bretagne.
He doesn’t know why he’s there, and for sure he wasn’t expecting to find himself in the middle of a fight that’s been going on since the beginning of times. Facing an Irishman with an eyepatch that claims to be his brother, helped by a circle of druidesses and a mysterious woman who bears the weight of an unforgiving fate, he’s about to discover a legend that could change the fate of humanity.
A fantasy story born in the cradle of the Megalithic culture, following the steps of Celtic tradition until the present days. A novella of myths, magic, and hard choices.

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Deadland Tales

Dark Fantasy / Horror

On the shore of the Mist River there’s a dangerous city, where eerie creatures roam at night and corpses return from the grave.
A rip in the fabric of reality marks the border with the netherworld – Deadland, as it’s called by the Knights of Dusk, whose duty is to protect the city and its people with weapons and rituals.
Asher was one of them, before his fateful encounter with a young woman, a necromancer, shook his world and caused him to go rogue.
But when you’ve sworn an oath, you can’t get rid of your legacy so easily. The city still needs him. There’s a new creature creeping around with a long serpent tail and a thirst for blood, and the necromancers are looking for Asher too. A dangerous journey awaits him.
Will he be ready to face the realm of death? But most of all, will he be ready to learn the truth behind his most painful loss?

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High School Survival


It’s a quiet and hot morning at the Toho Special School, a private institution built on an island offshore from the Philippines, when the men in black burst in and start shooting on every moving target.
Nobody knows the reason for that frenzy of violence and death.
The fabric of reality breaks, opening a window on the abyss of horror.
For Sophie, Sasha, Hideo, and their classmates a relentless countdown has started. One by one, doomed to fall, in a desperate escape following the scent of the sea.
When normality turns weird, there’s no coming back. You just have to keep running.

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