The Eternal Stones is a fictional story set in a fantasy world created by Allison Wade.

The core of the series is the so called Flower of Light, a magic artifact made from the Stones of Creation. At each generation, new Wardens are chosen to protect the Flower and use its elemental powers.

You can find out more about the world, the characters and their adventures by browsing this website. See the Wiki for guidance.

Our Team

  • Allison Wade is the pen name of the creator and main writer of the story.
    Born and raised in Northern Italy, English is her second language but she has the worst accent ever. She likes fantasy and horror stories, playing and modding videogames. You can find her Skyrim mods and other things here. And if you like to read some other weird stuff, here’s her writing archive.
  • Mark Wade is the Lore Master. Partner in crime and life, he likes speculative fiction, cars, and military stuff. He also likes to write side stories that maybe will see the light, some day. Midnight Star Archive is his YouTube channel.