Meet the Characters in Skyrim! [A Skyrim SE/AE mod]

It’s been in the works for a while, but finally we reached an official release. Do you play Skyrim? (Any version of Skyrim Special Edition or the Anniversary Update is fine) Do you want to meet the characters from the Eternal Stones as I envision them, and have some fun with them? Now you can! Download a pack of 10 […]

Let’s Talk About Love

Since it’s Valentine’s day, what better moment to talk a bit about love, romance, and how it all fits in the universe of the Eternal Stones. The first challenge, when you publish a book, is to give the right idea to the potential readers, so that they will know what they are getting themselves into and also to keep their […]

Introduction to the Main Characters – Part 2

We’ve seen some of the male characters, now let’s explore the female side of the story. If you are looking for snarky girl-bosses that can easily fling around men twice their size, you’ve come to the wrong place. My women are, well… just women. I tried to make them as realistic as I can, with their strength and weaknesses. Some […]

Introduction to the Main Characters – Part 1

Here’s a quick overview of some of the characters from the Eternal Stones. There are many of them, so I’ll give you a place to come back to refresh your memory in case you get lost. In this first part we take a look at some of the male protagonists, trying to stay spoiler free, just to get a feel […]

Flower of Light Book Launch and a Fun Interview

The time has come, my friends. Flower of Light is finally available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited with a special launch price. You can choose between the ebook, paperback, and a shiny hard cover with a special cover art inspired by medieval tomes. Here’s the full covers in all their splendor: Also keep your calendars updated, because a big promo […]

Flower of Light | The Eternal Stones | Book 1

“At the dawn of the tenth spring,what was shattered will return whole.” For centuries, the Flower of Light has kept the balance of the Bluand Empire. Each generation, new Wardens are chosen to protect the sacred stones and master their incredible powers. But not everyone can bear the weight of destiny in the same way, and it’s easy to stray […]

Dark Land – Part 1 [Preview]

Dark LandPart 1 – A Cut in the Mist(Dark Fantasy / Horror novella) On the shore of the Mist River there’s a dangerous city, where eerie creatures roam at night and corpses return from the grave. A rip in the fabric of reality marks the border with the netherworld – The Dark Land, as it’s called by the Knights of […]

What’s Your Zodiac Sign in the World of Light?

There is a connection between the astrology of the Eternal Stones and that of our world, so I thought it would be fun to try and see what your zodiac sign would be if you were born in the World of Light. Just look at the table below and search where your birthday falls in the “Earth Calendar” column to […]